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How to Support Charity without Donating Money

Many of us would love to actively support a local charity like Vincent Pozzuoli does through his family’s VSP Fund, but we are not all necessarily in a financial position to be able to donate money. Some of the most mindful, altruistic, and giving people can’t actually give money – and the great news is […]

A Very Brief History of Charitable Giving

Today there are many thousands of registered charities worldwide, and many more private philanthropists such as Vincent Pozzuoli and his wife Shannon who choose to give others the benefit of their good fortune, success, and hard work and give back to their local community. But have you ever wondered how charitable giving began, and how […]

Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation

One of the local charities that Vincent Pozzuoli and his wife Shannon support through their VSP Charitable Fund is the Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation or MAMCF.

Casa Teresa – Empowering Pregnant Women

One of the community charities that the Vincent and Shannon Pozzuoli Charitable Fund (VSP) proudly supports is Casa Teresa. Shannon and Vincent Pozzuoli are passionate about giving back to their local community and Casa Teresa is a very worthy cause.

Supporting Charity: Why it’s Great for your Business

A charity is an organization that’s established to provide assistance and raise funds to help those in need. From well known global charities, like the Red Cross, to private philanthropists, like Vincent Pozzuoli, charitable giving doesn’t just present obvious benefits to those in need; it also benefits the giver in innumerable ways.