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Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation

One of the local charities that Vincent Pozzuoli and his wife Shannon support through their VSP Charitable Fund is the Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation or MAMCF.

What is MAMCF?

The Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation (MAMCF) was founded in 2013 to advocate for mothers who have cancer while they are raising their children. It promotes initiatives and raises funds to help women and their families when they need it most.

MAMCF has provided assistance to hundreds of women and their young families as they are diagnosed with and begin their journey with cancer.

Five hundred thousand parents receive a cancer diagnosis each year in the USA, and almost twenty percent of these have children under the age of six years.

Programs offered by MAMCF are:

  • Financial Assistance: The Purple Petals Program offers direct financial support which helps to offset the costs associated with a cancer diagnosis, due to lost wages, medical costs, and disability.
  • Peer Support: It’s a Beautiful Deigh is an initiative that connects moms with cancer and their families. With fun family gatherings, private events, and remote calls, this peer to peer support service provides an opportunity whereby moms with cancer can communicate with and socialize with others who intimately understand what they’re experiencing.
  • Education: a cancer diagnosis for mom is a terrifying prospect for the whole family, but it can be especially confusing and worrying for children. MAMCF provides children of moms with cancer with age-appropriate educational books that explain what is happening to their mom in a simple, thoughtful, and non-confrontational way.

There are numerous ways to help support MAMCF and its charitable endeavours, and even the smallest contribution can be a big help. From volunteering your time or your talents to making a monetary donation to participating in its annual 5K at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium to sponsorships, there is a way you can get involved.

How Does VSP Support MAMCF?

Shannon and Vincent Pozzuoli are proud supporters of MAMCF through their VSP Charitable Fund. We specifically choose organizations that create lasting change for women and mothers, and those going through difficult times as are those who seek the services of MAMCF. Contact VSP to explore how we help and how you can make a difference too.

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