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How to Support Charity without Donating Money

Many of us would love to actively support a local charity like Vincent Pozzuoli does through his family’s VSP Fund, but we are not all necessarily in a financial position to be able to donate money. Some of the most mindful, altruistic, and giving people can’t actually give money – and the great news is that, even if you are strapped for cash, you can still support charity in a very meaningful way.

There is a wide array of ways you can give and help others without actually donating cash. In many ways, some of these are even more meaningful than just handing over a cash donation, because they require giving of yourself

  • Donating Blood – Ten thousand units of blood plasma are required daily in the United States. Many of us can donate blood up to three or four times a year (more often for a plasma-only donation). It is a process which takes just fifteen minutes for blood (a bit longer for plasma) and it is literally a life-saving donation. Blood donations help accident victims and many others, but by far those who benefit most from blood donation are cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy.
  • Help a Neighbor – offer to help a neighbor in need – perhaps an elderly person, a single mother, or someone with a disability. You can offer to mow their lawn, do their grocery shopping, run errands, or even check in weekly and have a chat.
  • Donating Unwanted Goods – good quality items can be donated to your local charity shop – for example, clothing, books, toys, crockery, and furniture. Your local school library may be happy to accept good quality children’s books, and aged care facilities may be delighted to take craft supplies and books. Whatever you have, if it’s good quality, there is a better alternative than throwing it out.
  • Volunteer your Time – give your time and skills to a local charity. You could volunteer to help babysit at a local women’s shelter, read to patients in a local hospital or aged care facility, or fill a need that exists in a local facility like a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, hospice, or animal rescue.
  • Donating your Skills – many nonprofits and charities require specialized skill sets but can’t afford dedicated staff. Your skill may fill a gap! It could be computer skills, cooking, writing, or anything else.
  • Donating your Tax Refund – if you can afford to, donating all or part of your tax refund is a great way of giving back to your community.
  • Support businesses that support charity!

While money donations are certainly crucial to charitable causes, consider giving in other ways (like Vincent Pozzuoli and his family do) if you can’t afford to give money; even if you can afford to give cash donations, consider other ways you can give to charity. It all ultimately helps others, and isn’t that the whole point?

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