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Supporting Charity: Why it’s Great for your Business

A charity is an organization that’s established to provide assistance and raise funds to help those in need. From well known global charities, like the Red Cross, to private philanthropists, like Vincent Pozzuoli, charitable giving doesn’t just present obvious benefits to those in need; it also benefits the giver in innumerable ways.

As a business owner, actively supporting charitable efforts is a fantastic way to increase positive exposure for your business and your brand. At the same time, you will be making a tangible difference to those in need within the community. Whether you are a sole trader, a small business, or a larger enterprise, here are some of the benefits of supporting at least one charity:

  • Make a Difference: it’s not all about you, and this is the single biggest reason why you should support charity. Almost all of us have a cause, or a few causes, that we have a passion for, and by championing these through charitable giving, you can make a difference to the world around you. Even small contributions can make a meaningful impact for positive change.
  • Get Involved: there are many ways to support charity than simply donating money, and by getting involved, you can become closer to the causes that touch your heart. As valuable as donating money are donations of your time, your resources, your expertise and experience.
  • Leave a Lasting Impression: by actively and openly supporting charitable causes, you will nurture goodwill not only among your customer or client base but also among your employees and team members. It’s great for bonding and motivation and takes you beyond simply being there to make money for yourself.
  • Increase Exposure of Your Brand: by advertising your charitable connections, in terms of the charities you support and how you do so, goodwill towards your business will grow. Most consumers appreciate businesses and companies that “give back”. Additionally, some charitable organizations will give your brand exposure, via their website, social media, and promotional channels, as a valued supporter.
  • Feel Good! Helping others feels great. Choose a cause (or a few!) that you feel a passion for or even which complement your business (for example, a business that sells sunglasses or other eyewear could support a charity for the blind; a company that sells plumbing supplies could support clean water incentives in developing countries).

The greatest reward in supporting a charity is knowing you’ve made the world a little better. And this is priceless.

Everyone can support charity – from the smallest donations to favored charities to becoming private philanthropists like Vincent Pozzuoli to support causes close to your heart; the core purpose is to make a positive impact to help others and support a better world around us. Every little bit helps!

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