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Our Mission

We fund and encourage organizations that support families, women, and children, in order to promote a stronger, more productive community.

Our Vision

Stronger communities through care


  • Charity
  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Community

About the VSP Charitable Fund

The idea for the Vincent and Shannon Pozzuoli (VSP) Fund was a natural progression for Shannon and Vincent Pozzuoli, developed from the care they have for their community, and the desire to help those less fortunate than them. Focusing primarily on organizations that serve underprivileged families in Orange County, the VSP Fund provides hands and resources, allowing the good they do to go further.

In addition to charitable donations to organizations, VSP Fund has also partnered with organizations to offer scholarships to students from single-parent families, with the desire to increase access to the invaluable benefits of continued education.

"A problem
is a chance
for you to
do your best"

-Duke Ellington

MEET The Pozzuoli Family

The Vincent and Shannon Pozzuoli Charitable fund is dedicated to families throughout Orange County. VSP is motivated by the tight-knit bonds of the Pozzuoli family.

Vincent (better known as Vince) and Shannon were inspired to create the fund out of their own experiences. After his father battled with cancer, Vince made a commitment to support and comfort those going through the same struggle. Shannon, too, is motivated to support and advocate for the improvements of families less fortunate by her own experiences of working and getting an education as a single mother. They see it as a great honor be able to collaborate so closely on projects that make lasting change in so many people’s lives.

The Pozzuoli children provide their own brand of support to the VSP fund, also volunteering for organizations that VSP has partnered with.

As a family, the Pozzuolis work together to take responsibility for bettering their community. They consider it a great joy to be able to make an impact in the lives of those around them.